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Where We Started from



ByteCorp was founded in June 2019, and there was not much promise present at that time. The only thing that the co-fonders had was the determination to enable the use of modern technology, and create a culture that learns and grows indefinitely.


Silicon Valley

ByteCorp landed its first client from the Valley in the early 2020, where we helped a co-founder with the end-to-end development of their product in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, thus giving way to our process of helping tech founders grow.


A Few Seeds

Since then, ByteCorp has helped multiple co-founders raise a few seed rounds, and have also raised a pre-seed on one of its own products. Till date, ByteCorp is working on products with a collective funding of more than $20 million.


Here We Are

Some Of Our Creations



Every year, $120 Billion and another 1.35 Million precious human lives are lost in road accidents, and even these numbers are heavily underreported. Surprisingly, nearly all of these accidents are preventable as they occur due to human errors. We, at Autilent, are leveraging the technology of AI to prevent these human errors to save precious human lives and valuable assets.

What We Do

Product Development

Ideating a Product for its design, then moving swiftly towards the first prototype and ending the cycle towards the Minimum-Viable-Product (MVP) - ByteCorp’s team is experienced in understanding the Entrepreneurial Spirit, and acting towards upholding the values that we promise to deliver. The key principle that ByteCorp holds is to always undercommit and overdeliver for our clients and partners.

Amer haider

Hear From

Amer haider

Technology Entrepreneur

“ByteCorp has offered me excellent technical expertise and technical services. The CEO is a very good people manager. The founders recognize and appreciate the effort required between completing a project and delivering a working product. This is a key difference between ByteCorp and other companies I have worked with within Pakistan. We look forward to working with ByteCorp and grow with them.”


ByteCorp is an AI and Product Development Consultancy that enables the use of data-driven products and solutions for its customers, so they can receive the promised value and growth in return for their investment.


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